Water Deionization 101

July 25, 2017

Years ago, high purity water was used only in limited applications. Today, deionized (or “DI”) high purity water has become an essential ingredient in hundreds of applications. Just a few include the following: Medical offices Laboratories Pharmaceutical companies Cosmetics companies Large aquariums,fish tanks,and reefkeeping facilities Electronics manufacturing plants Food processing plants Plating and anodizing And even the final rinse at the local car wash! DI or deionized water is simply…


High Purity Deionized (DI) Water

June 13, 2013

I often receive a phone call with the following request:  “I need a price for a DI water system.”   Simple enough, right!  Well, not nearly so.  Sometimes to the frustration of the caller, I come back with a list of questions that the caller is not prepared to answer.  Not unlike any other water treatment application or technology, deionization or DI, has its inherent limitations, based on the water supply…