Water for Beer Brewing

“What is the best way to treat water to brew beer?“ I get that question a lot, and while beer is 91 to 97% water, the answer is “It Depends!” It depends upon a number of factors, such as (1) where you are geographically located; (2) whether you have well or city water; (3) whether your water source uses chloramine or chlorine; and (4) what type of beer you want to…

December 18, 2015

Craft Beer is Really Cool!

One of the fastest growing segments of the beverage industry is the Craft Beer category.  Consider these statistics from the Brewers Association (which is the voice of Craft Brewers): Craft brewers currently provide an estimated 108,440 jobs in the U.S., including serving staff in brewpubs. Growth of the craft brewing industry in 2012 was 15% by volume and 17% by dollars compared to growth in 2011 of 13% by volume and 15%…

June 22, 2013