If it’s a Salt-Free Softener, Why Doesn’t it Soften the Water?


Hello, We have well water that was tested 4 days ago; No iron, ph 7.1, hardness GPG 29.

We tested a second sample that was treated through a whole house system from Aquasana. The treated water tested 21 GPG hardness.
We are miserable with this product. My hair is damaged, skin is dry, fixtures are coated. There is sandy grit in the water and we have 3 sediment filters hooked up. Two from Aquasana and one we have had for 34 years. I have learned it is the wrong type. The system has been in use since Oct. 31.

They are giving us a refund for the “simply soft” unit, that they claim with give “moisturized skin and hair”.

I plan on returning the other unit also. I think we need to go back to salt. But I would like to have a better whole house filter for the other contaniments. We have used a UV light for many years. Our ground water has changed since our neighbor built a large building close to us and it is above us and they changed the way the water flows when is rains, even by plowing into our yard.

We now have run off from their yard, the road that floods our front yard where our well is. They treat their yard several times a year. We have 2 1/2 baths, 3 adults live here, we recently installed a Jacuzzi therapy walk in tub. The sandy grit that is in our water is very sticky, my tea kettle it coated, our sink bowls and toilet bowls are coated. Could this be from ground run off, or something in this unit that is defective?

Please call or email a quote for water testing, I would like to know if our water has pathogens, cysts and bacteria. How quickly can you get the results to us? 

Thank you, LP.


I am sorry that this has happened to you, but it infuriates me that I get numerous e-mails like this every week.  It all starts with the fallacy that they are going to give you soft water, just without the salt.  That’s why they call it a “salt-free softener.” If they had called it a salt-free conditioner, would you have bought it?  Odds are you would not. The reality of the situation is that they are giving you salt-free NOT SOFT water. There is nothing “soft” about it.

  • Soft water does not form scale on pipes, fixtures, shower walls, water heaters and dishwashers.
  • Soft water does not leave spots and deposits on dishes, silverware, glasses and cooking utensils.
  • Soft was produces dramatically more suds necessicating using 50-75% less soaps, cleansers, shampoos and cleaning items.
  • Soft water leaves white clothes white (not yellow) and colors are always bright and vivid.
  • Soft water makes towels and sheets softer and much more luxurious.
  • Soft water makes the hair shine and eliminates dry skin.
  • Soft water removes the calcium and magnesium from the water.
  • Soft water protects whatever water touches.

So, why do companies call systems that they sell “salt-free softeners?”  You already know the answer: If they didn’t, their sales would drop tenfold.  Personally, I think it’s criminal that they don’t tell the truth about their product and I also think it’s criminal that people in positions like me don’t try and do something about it.  I am not going to sit by and remain silent.  This makes me very mad and it’s time for  unscrupulous companies to tell the truth.

Soft water, by definition, is water that is free from dissolved salts of such metals as calcium, iron, or magnesium, which form insoluble deposits such as appear as scale in boilers or soap curds in bathtubs and laundry equipment.

Unscrupulous behavior is the unfortunate resort of many ambitious people — it’s the immoral stuff they do to make success more attainable. When you sell someone bad loans, when you hack into your competition’s accounts, when you say you have salt-free water softener, but it doesn’t actually soften the water, you are being unscrupulous.  I think it’s time to stop this kind of unethical, unprincipaled, shameless, exploitative, dishonorable behavior. If you know it’s not right, you should speak up too.  I would urge anyone who has been deceived to file a complaint with their State Attorney General.

Yes, we can help you, but we need to see a detailed water test first.  You see, we are Master Water Specialists and Certified Water Specialists with over 250 years of combined experience.  We are not some slick marketing company that tells you there is such a thing as a salt-free water softener.

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