8-22-2018 Mailbag

Question #1:

I need a recommendation for a “water softener” that uses neither salt of potassium? I have kidney disease and my doctor says I need one that does not contain either of these. Pelican tells me what they have PSE1800 is the answer. Is this correct?



The PSE1800 does not soften the water.  Oh, I know they call it a “water softener” but ask them if the water will test “soft.”

If you buy it and the water tests soft, I will pay for it.  The reason I do that is because it simply does not soften the water… no matter what they say. I have told hundreds of people that and have never had to pay.  It simply does not soften the water.  Now, I am not saying that it doesn’t make the water better, but soften?  NO!

I understand that you don’t want to drink softened water that has sodium or potassium, but what about Chlorine, Chloramine, TCE, THM, PCB, Pesticides and other Carcinogens?  Those are not good for your kidneys either… to say nothing about the rest of your body.

I recommend a softener like this:


Followed by this for drinking water:


It removes all the salt or potassium a softener adds.  You can still enjoy all the benefits of soft water, without having to drink it.

Question #2:

I’m wondering how expensive is the H202 and what would be the approximate rate of use?



The average family spend $200 to $300 a year on H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide).

If you area “glass half empty person” you might think that is just an unnecessary expense.

But, if you are a “glass half full person” you might think that is a small price to pay for awesome water.

It depends upon your perspective.

Question #3

Hello, I have done my research on softeners, salt free conditioners, RO, etc., but we have a dilemma. We would like to have soft water but have a swimming pool and the salt/phosphorus remaining in the softened water is not good for filling the pool. (We don’t have a separate water line for just outside and would have to bypass the softener every time we need water outside.) Our city water tested high for chlorine (basically the same as the pool water!) so we would also like to reduce the contaminants in the city water for bathing, drinking, etc., since we have skin eczema issues, no doubt from the chemicals in the water. As you can see, the dilemma in finding a system that will work for us. I looked at salt free conditioners but would that remove chlorine? I don’t think so. Could you install an RO system for the whole house? Help!!!



You stated that you wanted to have “soft water.”  I would assume that you made that decision in part, due to skin eczema issues and the fact that “soft” water is certainly gentler on sensitive skin. There are many reasons to want soft water, including the fact that it delivers the following benefits:

  • Gentler on the skin and hair
  • Less soap, detergents, shampoo and cleaning agents required because it eliminates soap curd
  • Softer clothes, linens and whiter whites as well as brighter colors on clothing
  • Fabrics last longer
  • Eliminates spots on silverware, glassware, mirrors, tile and plumbing fixtures
  • Eliminate limescale in water heaters and appliances
  • Saves dramatic amounts of money on cleaning supplies and energy usage

A salt-free conditioner may (or may not) help with limescale (some do, some don’t), but no salt-free water conditioner provides all the benefits that you get with a true “water softener.”  You probably have already figured out that salt-free “softeners” only exist in shady marketers minds.  They are fiction.

People who have eczema are also very sensitive to things like chlorine, chloramine and a myriad of other chemicals and pesticides.  Those can be removed with a system like the US Water BodyGuard Whole House Filtration System. This will help ease skin irritation, but doesn’t solve the “softness” issue.

It may be possible to run a hard water line directly to your swimming pool and just put the Bodyguard and a softener on the house, or maybe it’s not/  I do not know how your property is plumbed, but it might be worth exploring, however, a whole-house RO system will also provide the benefits you seek.  That can be pretty expensive, but it’s something to consider.  A reliable Whole House RO System can cost $8,000 to $12,000 dollars but more-and-more people are opting for it.

There is no absolute answer, but myself or one of our water specialists would be glad to help you make the right decision.  If you like, you can call us at 800-608-8792.


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  1. I am searching for a system to buy for the home/farm i am building. My experience with Terminox system (from whatever this company is calling themselves now) has been an unmitigated nightmare.

    Can you tell me if this is safe in any way?? AND a recommendation for a really good system for the new house I am builldin??

    My landlord just got a system from Budget Water Systems (Terminox system) to help remove iron from the water. The iron levels are visible in water. Water looked orange and smelled horrid. I personally sent them the water samples. As a result of those samples they chose the system to be installed.

    The Terminox system did not work at first. It removed the iron for three days then we were back to square one. This went on for months! Then finally he had to order additional filter tanks and add what seems like an huge amount of soda ash to get the system to remove the iron. They had to rebed the existing tanks. Speaking to the ‘customer support’ people (when they new tank continuously ran water in the regen cycle overnight and there was no water from well any longer) was a new experience. As the water is continuing to pour out he told me I should SHUT UP and just listen to what he was telling me to do, even though his instructions were referring to a system / unit we did not have installed! No apologies for this comment either when he discovered I was simply trying to explain the tank controller he was referring to was not the one installed. He also told me he was NOT A Divorce Counselor. I was the tenant not his freaking wife. When he told me to get my husband and I replied with I am his tenant he did apologize for that one at least. He was a total and complete moron to say nothing of a major PIA acting like I was stupid because I was a woman (I did not tell the Jackass I hacked into the AF Mainframe at one point in my career. I just sucked it up in the hopes of getting some water back.)

    When i boil eggs there is a thick layer of white residue in the pan. I boil the eggs, run cold water over them, remove eggs, set pan on counter. Coming home to a dry pan covered with a thick layer of white makes me extremely concerned about the water quality. It is nice not to have the iron but I am certainly worried about what now is in the water.

    It also leaves my hands sticky for a bit after washing and drying them. it also is drying out my skin with dry and itchy hands. I don’t know how to discover what level is safe for me to be exposed to. I also do NOT want to end up with this problem in any system I invest in.

    To say nothing of what is being dumped into the ground water that is within yards of the Chesapeake Bay.

    I use a zero water filter for drinking water. unfortunately that removes vital nutrients also but better than overloading my system with whatever has been added.

    On the Total Dissolved solids meter Zero sends with the pitcher it is still showing over 190. I assume this is PPM but never checked. The untreated water had an equally as high number, it just smelled horrid of iron and was a total disaster. It seems a decent water treatment system would leave me feeling safe to use the water.

    The landlord seems totally unconcerned about the high levels of ‘stuff’ still in the water, as long as his BB guests cannot tell anything is wrong, he is happy. I however, live here full time and after 10 months still cannot take a shower here (I am driving to gym every day) and worry even after washing clothes that the residue will be against my skin. I am worried the residue will be against my skin all day too. High levels of salt will dry out my skin and with an auto immune problem one more issue is an unacceptable risk..

    Any advice is great appreciated.

  2. I have had the pleasure (sarcasm) of speaking to the owner of that company and my experience was worse than yours. To say he was arrogant and rude would be like saying the sun is a light.

    #1 – We guarantee we can fix your water;

    #2 – In order to do that, we must know exactly what is in the water.

    This is what we need to know:


    Once we know what is in the water and at what levels, then we can apply a scientific solution and guarantee the results.

  3. Doc, I am frustrated just like most of the people here. I am ashamed to say that I was taken in by a electro-magnetic anti-calc by East Midlands
    Water, aquaeuro . I have had it installed for a few years now with no change. In fact we remodeled our bathrooms a year ago with new fixtures and they are now covered in lime. Junk. What I am looking for is a system that reduces the lime build up. We are on well water, very hard but very clean. We are also on a septic system so I really don’t want reverse osmosis or salt. I have a 5 micron filter between the well and the 500 gl cistern , then another 5 micron between the cistern/jet pump to the house. This setup has solved the particulate problem in my faucets. I have to change these filters every 3 months. I am thinking of using the lime buster product. Will this help with the wash (whites) and dish washer spotting. We have taken showers with soft water and didn’t like the feel. Thank you for your explanation above about the different systems. If you have other suggestions please feel free.

  4. The LIMEBLASTER does a great job at preventing scale, but it will not help much with clothes and dishes. The hard minerals are still present. Oh, I know some companies SAY their salt-free systems will deliver better clothes and dishes, but that is simply untrue and we have proved it over and over.

    You can only get whiter, brighter clothes and spot-free dishes with a water softener or whole-house reverse osmosis system. The LIMEBLASTER Is the best product on the market to prevet limescale.

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