What About Quantum Disinfection by Claire Technologies?

Quantum Disinfection, manufactured by Claire Technologies is a chemical-free, power-free and maintenance-free method for disinfecting water. It works as a final disinfection solution and provides up to 99.9999 killing of bacteria. US Water Systems sells it under the name of Pulsar Quantum Disinfection.

It is manufactured using elemental P-type semiconductor technology and solid-state theory. Quantum disinfection media contains a powerful electron flowing surface, eliminating the need for outside power or chemical sources for disinfection.

US Water Systems has bought and sold more quantum disinfection media than anyone in North America, since it’s inception, but starting immediately, US Water Systems does not consider Quantum Disinfection to currently be a viable technology for point-of-entry or whole house water disinfection.

This determination has very little to do with the product and everything with how it is priced and distributed and company management.  Claire Technologies of Raleigh, North Carolina is the manufacturer of the product and has imposed a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of $797 for a 12 GPM System.  The system lasts up to 24 months before it needs to be replaced, but if you do the math, that adds up to almost $400 a year.

Yes, it is incredible technology.  Yes, we still believe in the technology.  But, what we don’t believe is that educated customers will pay $400 a year for water disinfection when they can disinfect their water with ultraviolet light (UV) for $100 to $150 per year.  $400 a year for water disinfection, when the competition is $100 – $150 a year is both ridiculous and not sustainable.

We love the technology, but this is a case of where investors, who know nothing about the water industry, see an opportunity to make a lot of money and end up killing the Golden Goose.  This is “save-the-world-technology” which is being priced outside the means of the common person. It’s sad to see such great technology which was invented by a peach of a guy, Cristain Chis, go down this road.

We are continuing to sell it in our Pulsar Quantum Disinfection Modules for Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems where the price is acceptable, but we are discontinuing selling it in our Whole House or Point-of-Entry formats.  The pricing is simply  outrageous.

Therefore, it is with great reluctance that we are suspending the sale of Pulsar Quantum Disinfection systems and replacement filters for whole-house applications, effective immediately.  However, we will not abandon our customers.  We have a solution that replaces Quantum Disinfection and it is at an affordable price.

Maybe someday, we will sell the whole house system again, but right now, in good conscience, we cannot sell it. Talk to one of our customer service specialists about other solutions, including our Pulsar Disruptor System.

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  1. Looking for an efficient house water filter system. Sorry to hear you d/c’d yours.

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