OXi-Pro-7 Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide

If you are a user of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), you already know that it is the best way to oxidize iron and sulfur (hydrogen sulfide).  You have undoubtedly seen the results that it produces by eradication of the iron and sulfur completely.  People are often amazed when water containing high levels of hydrogen sulfide is completely free of the nasty odor after the catalytic process using hydrogen peroxide as a the oxidizer.

For the uninitiated, hydrogen peroxide oxidizes iron and sulfur.  The components of the oxidizing system are a Stenner pump system, the hydrogen peroxide and a backwashing carbon filter that utilizes Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon (CGAC).  The H2O2 is injected just ahead of the CGAC tank and the catalytic reaction occurs literally, on the surface of the CGAC.  That’s why it’s called catalytic carbon.  It is the catalyst between the H2O2 and the iron or sulfur.

At US Water, we were one of the pioneers into H2O2 Catalytic Technology 20 years ago.  For years we have bought large drums and totes of hydrogen peroxide and diluted it to 7% which is the correct percentage used in water treatment.  We no longer do that.  Not only does it involve the EPA and regulations, but the problem with hydrogen peroxide is that it decomposes very rapidly.  It literally turns from H2O2 in H2O in a short period of time.  Obviously this affects performance, as the H2O2 needs to be 7% in order to fully oxidize the iron and sulfur.

We no longer mix our own, but have it professionally manufactured for us.and it is now stabilized hydrogen peroxide.  We have found in our testing that 7% hydrogen peroxide  when stored in the solution tank for two months can be as low as 3% strength due to its rapid decomposition.  With our new OXi-Pro 7 stabilized hydrogen peroxide, the life span of the H2O2 is approximately 5 times that of regular peroxide.

So while OXI-PRO-7 is priced just a little bit more, it actually costs a lot less because it remains stable and enables your hydrogen peroxide system to work at peak efficiency.  It also dramatically extends the life of the catalytic carbon.  If you aren’t using OXI-Pro-7  hydrogen peroxide, you are getting less and paying a lot more.

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  1. Sir, i am from india, i have seen that to remove sulphur from water we can use OXI-PRO-7

    but i want to ask that, if we want to remove sulphur from molasses can OXI-PRO-7 be used to remove that.
    and later we can consume the unsulphured molasses.

    Mr. Kunal

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