Pelican™ vs. GreenWave and DVGW-512

NOTE: This post is merely for historical value.  US Water no longer utilizes a “Tank-Type” media based like Filtersorb SP3 NAC media or nextScaleStop TAC media. We hope that this serves to illustrate our journey as a company through the complex world of salt free water treatment.

Angel asked:

Shopping around for salt-less systems and found Pelican™ NaturSoft System has been tested and fulfilled the requirements of the W512. I pulled this statement off there website, what do you think between Pelician and USwatersystems (GreenWave)?

The Water Doctor Replied:

Well, the fact that we (US Water) sell the GreenWave and not Pelican™ should say enough about it. I also believe that DVGW-512 is of no value. The Pelican™ system is “Third Party-Tested.” What does that mean? It could mean that they gave someone some money to test it and they said it was great. As it stands right now, there is no Certification, Testing or Validation of Salt-less or Salt-free water conditioning systems by any credible testing facility. The DVGW-512 standard is dubious, at best. (See previous post)

* – Pelican™ is a registered trademark of Pelican Water Technologies. US Water Systems has no affiliation with the company.

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  1. Sounds like Mark might be a little jealous of the soaring pelican. My friend has a greenwave and I have a pelican and he likes the operation of my system better then his?

  2. John,

    Soaring Pelican?

    OK, give me some info:

    1. What model Pelican do you have?
    2. What model Green Wave does your friend have?
    3. Is the water identical?
    4. What does he like better about yours?

    You started this, so give me more information so that I can answer, or I will consider this a “drive-by shooting.”

    This blog is about “full disclosure.” Give me the facts!

    By the way, I notice you live in Florida, near Winter Park, which is near Deland, which is where Pelican has their home.


  3. We have had a pelican for 3 + years now. Our water tastes great, but it absolutely does NOT soften our water. Our showers heads clog, we have scale on the facets, etc. We have a hardness of about 15-17. If I could have the perfect solution it would be to have the salt water softener on all my hot water and the pelican on only my drinking water. I think the pelican is misleading when it says it ‘softens’.

  4. I will agree with Mark, and I do not sell either one of them. I know Mark is very honest with his answer, that there is no certification, validation, testing standards, or credentials for the Salt Free Pelican, GreenWave, or any other physical water treatment devices. I have seen them all, and removed them all after customers learned the hard way that they did not work. Mark is also stating even his is not approved. Why do water treatment professionals sell them? Because consumers want to buy this type of crap, and we can sell them for less, and get the sale again after they do not work. But we are honest and tell you they dont work

  5. I use green wave in Jamaica. I order it from US watersystem. I went online to reorder and it’s not on their website anymore. It’s a shame. I need to source it from someone else. I have water refill stations around the island and some places have hard water and can plug an RO in a day. When I put the filtersorb on I have no more problems. Those areas with hard water have a lot of lime stone. Can anyone tell me where to source more media?

  6. You can find me on your system by my name. I buy 10s of thousands of dollars worth of product from you. I noticed the smaller looking product. Does it last as long? As 1 liter of the filtersorb? I need a solution asap. I’m running out of sp3 and in some of my areas the RO clogs in a couple weeks without it. My last order of that product was may 26, 2016…. order 100053894. Why would I bullshit by the way? And why would I care to spend money on something that doesn’t work for me? Anyway, if you have a better product then I want to try it but if it is more expensive over all, then it makes no sense for. I would have to just buy a regular softener system which I hate because of the maintenance factor. Please advise.

  7. This dude Mark just insulted a customer, well done ! These small rogue companies deserve to be eaten up by the big names, with customer service like that.

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